God Save the Queen (Immortal Empire Series #1)

God Save the Queen (Immortal Empire Series #1) - 3.5 stars. Okay, screw it, I'm not in the mood to write an actual review review for this one, so I'm just gonna list some random thoughts:*Well developed story..interesting, engrossing, it sucked me in....however there were some info dumps/loooong descriptions of things esp in the begining...Some were necessary to understand what was going on...Others I may have glossed over. * Pacing. Sometimes it felt like the whole story was moving too slow (esp in the beginning) then later on, it felt everything happens at once. *There were a few too many factions/species (as well as characters), hard to keep them and their politics straight. *While I don't usually like 'first person' pov stories, KL did a good job of making me forget or maybe just not realize I was reading a story written in first person...I actually had to go back and double check that it was actually in first person!*There is a romantic element to GStQ, however I wouldn't really call it romantic. It sorta comes outta nowhere. Oh, and if it matters to you, there's no actual sex scenes, they're more implied then anything. *Despite the cover and the number of times this has been tagged as steampunk, it's more UF, than anything. I think the world was supposed to be all steam-punky but not so much, IMO. *Lastly, I had to spend a lof of time thinking about whether or not I actually liked this book. I'm still not sure.