Parallel Attraction (Midnight Warriors, Book 1)

Parallel Attraction - Deidre Knight I’m not entirely sure what to say… The idea behind the book was good, as was the first few chapters…. But there are just so many Issues I have, that make it nearly impossible for me to really like it:The beginning (which I realized at the end, was the best part) felt rushed : We’re introduced to a multitude of characters, but don’t really get to know any of them… So they’re later actions and reactions make no sense. Then there’s the relationship between our Hero and heroine.. . . I don’t know what else to say, other then it wasn’t very satisfying… They met, and they fell in love.. I think it was supposed to be one of those life mate/bonding type relationships that are so prevalent in paranormals these days, but our authoress wasn’t quite able to pull it off… Later in the book we’re supposed to believe they’re desperately in love, but I just couldn’t feel it… Then, later in the story, a new character is introduced, and in given center stage for far too long… It was at this point (about halfway through the book) that I had to start pushing myself to finish! And It doesn’t really get any better… There are a number of things ignored ( like the heroine's life before meeting the Hero... apparently she's so insignificant, that even though she more or less disappears from her old life, no one notices, really?) And there are so many story lines just thrown in, it was almost as if the author didn’t have enough material, and just wanted to make the book longer… It feels like a series following Kelsey and Jared (our h and H) through their lives,… but rather then spread out through a half dozen books, it's condensed into just one short novel…On the positive side, I loved the blushing Hero (though as an alien king, he seemed remarkably human)… and that’s pretty much all I loved… I wanted to like this series, but honestly I can’t even see myself picking up the next book!