Otherkin - Potential potential. Potential. Otherkin is chock freaking full of it. It sounds like an awesome story, and it would be, if not for the pacing. Everything happens immediately . The H and h get to together, the other shifters who've spent centuries as enemies all become friends, ( koombaya!) and the final battle scene all come way to quickly, and maybe it was just me, but that last fight scene....it was way too easy. And seriously unbelievable...you get through the whole book, and it's like, that's it? That's the big bad battle scene? Can you say disappointing? That's pretty much how I felt through the whole book though, there's no tension, no nail biting, edge of your seat, omg wth's going to happen, next moments, because there's no time for any to develop, an issue comes p, bam, a couple pages later it's solved! And so much is left unexplained, or glossed over! There's quite a bit I wish we'd gotten insight on. And the characters...a little too naive. I rolled my eyes a lot. I did like that the H wasn't afraid to admit the heroine was better then him at some stuff, and let her lead...but, and maybe it's because we don't ever get his point of view, altogether he was sort of a pansy. Sort of expected/ hoped for more. Oh and there's a few things that don't make sense...like going into battle with your cohorts, and amidst the battling, taking a time out to explain the situation,That you let said cohorts walk right into without knowing...or automatically believing the word of the bad guy even though you know he's the bad guy and has no reason not to lie to you. So 2.5 stars, yay for the potential, but boo on the follow through. The second book just came out, but I'm still on the fence on whether or not I'll give it a go.