Moonlight Warrior

Moonlight Warrior - Janet Chapman So....this was my first foray into Janet Chapmans books, and I have to say I don't thinks she's for me....The first half of the bookwas pretty boring, didn't even feel like a romance until midway through....and having every legal aged female in the heroines life pushing her to screw the hero, because he's just that hot got old really fast. Oh and there are a lot of secondary characters...and a few side stories...and honestly? I wasn't to fond of either of the main characters....and it really bugged me that after pages and pages oand pages f reading the heroines point of view, we'd only get a couple paragraphs from the hero's perspective....which means we dont know him as well as we know the heroine.Oh and as the synopsis says it's tied into her other highlander books, which I didn't realize before I started reading....I wasn't lost exactly, but there were definitely a few times like I felt I was missing something. In particular, there's very little world building in Moonlight Warrior ...we get bits and pieces but not a whole picture....not sure if that's because I hadn't read the previous books or if they're all like that.So yeah...I'm don't think I'll give up on her yet, but I seriously don't think JC's the author for me.