Babycakes - Donna Kauffman 3.5 starsI loves Donna Kauffman titles :)They're not packed full of action sequence after sequence, but more subtle romances, IMO. Everything is thought out , and considered rather then just a h and H meeting and jumping into sex, which automatically leads to ily's and a relationship. In Babycakes, we get the story of two new comers to Sugarberry island, Kit, and Morgan, both going through times of flux and loss...and they happen to share a not so happy connection.......reading along, as they figure out how to get past their own issues, as well as taking the other into account...was, well really the only word that comes to mind, is satisfying...I just feel content after reading this...Now, Ill be one of the first to admit, DK titles aren't for everyone, they're more...thoughtful, I guess is the I said they aren't action packed...and they aren't your average romances either, IMO ... no big bad guys trying to take over the world, no jealous ex lovers trying to manipulate things to their own advantage, no miscommunication, no doing what's best for the other without their consent, no secret babies, no romantic betrayals, no hiding something from the other, and nor pretending to be someone your not.Just a contemporary setting, with contemporary characters...who are just trying to figure out their way forward...and I loved being inside their heads! I could relate, if not to the actual events in their lives, then to the feelings they're dealing with. And I'm a thinker...I spend way too much time in my own head, so reading about characters who aren't afraid of self examination, for me at least is a that doesn't seem to come along as often as I'd like.Now, I'll admit, I'm not overly fond of stories with kids in them, but Lilly, the H's niece, was all kinds of cute...and as an animal lover, it didn't hurt that animals, specifically turtles, play a big part of the story :)I know I'm being pretty general in this review, but I think if your a fan, you'll enjoy this new release from Ms. Kauffman, but if she's a New to you author, I'd say give her a chance...though, it's not absolutely necessary I'd say you may want to star with Sugar Rush. The first book in the series :) or if you're not a desserts person, try the Chisolm Brothers series, (lol, talk about hot Scot's :p)I will say on the negatives side, the story seemed a bit short, or maybe a better word...for me at least...and there was a line or two that felt like I'd read them in a previous DK book...and and this was an e- arc so there were a few editing/ grammatical errors that will hopefully be fixed by final print :)Oh and there were a few scenes that were jumped right over that's would have enjoyed getting to see...altogether though, Babycakes earns Between 3.5 and 4 stars.Thanks to net galley and Kensington for providing me with the advanced copy!