From This Moment On: An Alaskan Nights Novella (A Penguin Special from Signet Eclipse)

From This Moment On - Addison Fox Let me preface this by saying I didn't read any of the other books in the Alaskan nights series, So I probably don't understand all the history and character dynamics at work.And not understanding those dynamics from the previous books, I have to say I was sorta irritated at how high a pedestal Grier, ( the H's former fiancé and the heroines newly discovered half sister) was placed on. The H's family and 'friends' loved her, the H's business missed her, she helped the Hero finally come to terms with his issues....Grier, Grier, Grier! And as Grier is not the h in this story, I found the emphasis on her character beyond irritating. Or okay, I would have if I'd been more invested in the story. There was just too much time spent with secondary characters. Maybe if I'd been familiar with them, I'd have enjoyed 'seeing' them again, but as it stands, i just felt like too many non MC's were getting far too much face time. Honestly, and again this may be because I didn't read the previous books, I found myself not really giving a crap about any one...or about how the story ended. Having said that, this novella in no way convinced me to pick up the 2 already published books in this series. They dont seem bad or anything, but they also dont seem to bring anything new to the table. So, yeah, 2 stars. Oh, quick side note : in all fairness, I did skim a few of the longer detailed bits. I just didn't have the patience for them.