Dangerous Curves Ahead: A Perfect Fit Novel

Dangerous Curves Ahead - Sugar Jamison Meh...2.5 to 3 stars, this was pretty cute, but loooong, and drawn out, and there was a little too much repetition and back and forth the MC's get together and break up a bunch of times, only to be faced with the same issues again and again. also the heroine wicked and/or naughty grins a lot. I knw it's ridiculous, but after a while,I was really hoping she had a new way of smiling. Oh and the main characters also sucked at communication, I mean they talked a lot, certain things and decisions each character made was never explained to other .....< spoiler>the big one was in the epilogue:So the H and h decide ages ago they don't want kids, and what does the h decide all on her lonesome? To stop taking her birth control....Okay color me crazy, but isn't that something that should be discussed? Before taking any action? grrrOh and it felt like the h's self esteem issues pop up every other page, it's like she wants to make sure the world around her knows she's fat, so she has to mention all the damn time.And at the end all the i's were dotted, and the t's crossed, it IMO it just seemed a little too neat. SJ's a good writer though, and initially i really liked the characters, so I just don't think this story was meant for me.