Anything For You (Harlequin Blaze)

Anything for You - Sarah Mayberry Awesome story! I never expect much from Blaze (or other Harelquin) titles, but this was a great great book! In particular, I loved the heroine! It was all or nothing, no second best for her! Unlike so many heroines, she doesn't give in to the Hero at the frop of a hat... No, she sticks to her guns, all the way through. The Hero, though quite a bit dense, was fun to read about as well... Watching him try to figure out why things were changing, but really having no clue was very entertaining, in not a little frustrating!And the nicest bit, is that we really get into their heads. One my favorite parts of Romance novels, is feeling what the characters feel, at least to some extent. So many authors will make the romance hinge on the sex (and general external forces) and tack on a Happy Ever After that leaves us wondering how long said HEA will last. And while there were quite a few hot scenes in this one, we (the reader) really get the feeling that these two people will last a long time together, which honestly, just leaves me with a great bit ol' smile on my face :)The only real issue I had (and why I rated it 4 stars instead of 5) was that the ending is pretty abrupt...An epilogue would have been nice. or even just a few more pages!Despite easy resolution though, this is one of only a few blaze titles, that I'd say is a Don't miss!And I seriously hope Ms Mayberry has some full length novels on the way!