Crazy Hot (Steele Street Series #1)

Crazy Hot - Tara Janzen 3.5 stars.It would have been 4 but for three things:1- the heroines sister...she's a future heroine, I think she's in bk 4, but I couldn't stand her, and the fact that we kept getting her POV nearly drove me to put this down more times than I can count.I loved her Hero but I'm seriously hoping that by the time her book rolls around she grows up.2- and this is related to the same sister, but just how much we got from the h's sister and her future hero sorta bugged I said, I didn't have any issue with him, it just seemed like they took over the story a few times...some of it's pertinent to the H and h's story, but a lot of it wasn't .and 3- near the end of the book the heroine has a tstl moment...that was really the last straw...before she  makes her idiot move, I was all set to give this 4 well earned stars...everything works out, obviously, but the move still pissed me off.Despite those aspects of the book, this was such a great read!  Sorta 24   meets  Gone in 60 Seconds  ...Tara J does a an awesome job of storytelling and character building. I do want to mention two  things though...first, as far as romantic suspense goes, there wasn't too much's more like an action adventure romance than RS.Also, there's a lotta car talk, and not being a car person, I didn't always understand it, but IMO, it doesn't detract from the overall story.I'm looking forward to checking out the next book, but I'm also almost ridiculously happy that it's not the heroines sister's book! Lol.