Beautiful Mess (Bailey's Boys, #1)

Beautiful Mess (Bailey's Boys, #1) - Lucy V. Morgan why the hell is this rated so high?!I mean it was just okay read, I guess....hmm... i didn't hate it....I did like the sorta reminded me of that show < a href=""> New Girl but it didn't really's written in first person, which I wasn't expecting....if it hadn't been so short, I'd have been more annoyed by that fact. Add to that, for such a short length, there were a few too many characters!And a lot of the story seemed like filler, rather then an  actual plot....honestly? I was kinda bored for most of it....and the one bit that really bugged me was that Ms Morgan kept using the word 'ow' when she meant, (I think) 'oh'....ow is the sound you make when you get hurt, usually, in my case at least, followed by a litany of curses, coming across it,  in the midst of a (vanilla) sex scene just confuses things, IMO. 2 stars