Beast Behaving Badly (Pride Stories Series #5)

Beast Behaving Badly - Shelly Laurenston The thing about SL's books is that they always leave you feeling happy, and BBB is no exception. When I learned who the heroine was, I was honestly a little worried...Based on the previous books, Blayne wasn't exactly a favorite of mine.... so I was pretty sure this one wasn't going to be all that entertaining for me, but I was totally blown away! Full of laughs (I was literally cracking up throughout the book, and I'm usually a hard sell on that score) a a fun, 'keeps you reading long after you were supposed to have stopped' storyline and quirky characters, both old and new, this was an amazing read: Total Keeper! and I love her Bears! I won't go into the plot, as the synopsis does a pretty good job and I think her books are soooo much better the less you know going in, but it's definitley worth the price or a credit or would make a great surprise for any SL fan (You don't absolutely have to read the books before it, but it's better if you do) And long as it was, It was still too short! So now I'm on tenter hooks waiting for her next book (which I've already pre-ordered as her titles are so worth it!) and wondering who the next set of main characters will be! And I love her Bears!