SEAL of Honor

SEAL of Honor - Tonya Burrows no review, but a few of my notes:h= no wilting flower. She Def held her own. LOVED the camaraderie between the H and his fellow bad asses. It's wasn't totally the H's show. Ms Burrows did a great job showing how he and his buddies had each others back instead of just mentioning the other guys and then forgetting about them, until they got their won book.Initially reminded me a lot of Stephanie Tyler's Hold Trilogy (which is an awesome series, and if you haven't read, you really should) before it got into it's groove. the relationship between the H and h, moved a smidgen too fast. They didn't jump each other right off the bat, but still would have liked to see it grow more gradually. (also, and I didn't mind this, but an FYI: the sex scenes aren't very graphic, and there's only a handful of them)A few scenes were totally glossed over, 2 esp irritated me....and these are spoilers! so I'm using the tags: the H pulls his disappearing act, we don' get into the h's head, til moments before he gets his head out of his ass, and comes back to her. Also when they do get back all happens so fast. I mean, we get the scene, but I'd have liked it to have been drawn out a little more. and this last thing, is only a minor thing, but it irritates me...The h is supposedly rooted in Costa Rica, but we don't really see any evidence of this. Sure she works, there, but technically she could work anywhere...but there's no evidence of her having a real life one she's close to, or even places she regularly's sorta like she's just crashing when the H decided to come to her, instead of moving her to him it doesn't really make much sense. Altogether a fantastic read and now I'm eagerly looking forward to more from Ms Burrows!