The Price of Innocence

The Price of Innocence - Susan Sizemore I received this from net galley, and received no compensation for this review.I have no idea what to rate this.  On the positive side it's engrossing. I tried reading two other other books I received from net galley as well, but couldn't get into either of  them...but the price of innocence pulled me in, and forced me to keep going and going and going. The story is told from the H, the h's point of view, interspersed with flashbacks  From the two leads first met, and a few bits from the villains point of view.I loved the beginning of the book...the back story was fascinating, and I generally don't like flashbacks, but here they're almost as good as the current story!  But the moment the characters go from I hate you/ can't forgive you to the ILY's the story weakens, at least sorta felt like one moment are characters are at odds, the next all's well in the world, like someone flipped a switch, and we're magically transported to the last phase of the book, where all is forgiven, only it comes off as too sudden to be believable. Oh and the scene where we finally learn why the H and h were initially separated..that was a bit of let down as well...the back story was going so good until that point, I think that's when I started to lose interest in the books as a whole.Also the bad guy was only  sorta bad...half the time it seemed like he was a conman, pulling one over on the H and h, the rest he was a manipulative nuisance with illusions of grandeur...and everything seemed to be resolved a little to easily...Oh then there's the kid. The H and H's daughter is eight years old, ( so she'd what? Be in second grade,third?) but only rarely acts like it..most of the time she acts years older....if she'd had a greater presence in the book, I probably would've taken at least a half star off my rating, but as she's mostly only in it on the periphery of the story she's more like a minor irritation ( I sorta feel like an ass saying that about a child, but I'm consoling myself with the fact that she's not real, lol)There's also quite a few secondary characters, none take over the story thankfully, but none stand out either....they were all, IMO, more backdrop then any memorable presence.One last thing, the first two sentences in the summary:Years ago, a handsome stranger rescued Sherrie Hamilton from a harem and enticed her into becoming his lover ...Yeah, that's totally misleading....for starters when they meet he does rescue her, but not from a harem,...she does end up in one later, but that was mostly due to her involvement with him..also he doesn't seduce her so much as force/ manipulate her...we don't get a lot of details, but at least to me, it definitely wasn't a seduction. Okay so rating...I guess if you really them, 4.5 stars for the beginning, until the "I love you's" then the story goes down to 3, maybe even 3.5 stars.