The Next Always (Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy #1)

The Next Always - MacLeod Andrews, Nora Roberts Somewhere between 3.5 and 4 stars...though I don't have much to say about it....I wasn't really planning on writing a review for this, but a few thoughts....Um, ... not   my favorite of Nora's titles, but an enjoyable read none the less...I love that the time frame of the story matches the release date ( October/ early November)....also the main, main characters for the trilogy, are three brothers, which for me is always a plus.The heroine has three kids, in the if you don't like kids in your romances, you may be disappointed on that front. I usually don't, but NR did a decent job of including them without having them take over the story...There's a minor side story regarding  a...stalker and a ghost....which while written well, also felt a little unnecessary. ..the ghost grew on me though, so I'm kinda sorta looking forward to more of her. Oh and the ending was a little abrupt, or maybe it's because I was reading a NookBook,  that I didn't realize I was at the end of the book, so it sorta felt like it came outta nowhere....Honestly though, the worst thing about the book was that in the preview of the next book,  we find out that the The Last Boyfriend  doesn't come put til May!