Beg for Mercy

Beg for Mercy - Jami Alden well hell, this is one of the better Romantic Suspense books I've read this year...and I think I'm going to tentatively add Ms Alden to my auto buy list.... Beg for Mercy is long, thrilling, chock full of story, consistent, has a number of well drawn out characters, and kept me on the edge of a my seat for a good long while... I loved the main characters, as well as all the secondary ones, they definitely drove the story for me. Honestly, though I think my all around favorite aspect of the book, is the heroines devotion to her brother... She doesn't let anyone sway her, she knows perfectly well how the world is painting her, but she doesn't let anything stop her. That unswerving loyalty just made her one of my all around favorite heroines...and made me appreciate my own brother a whole hell of a lot more :D The only down side was the villain was easy to figure out...but IMO Ms Alden does a good job of throwing in enough doubt, that I was never 100% percent sure I was right. Quite a few of the aspects of this story set up the next book, but you don't really realize that till the ending, and for me, they just made me want to read the next book even more!