Unspeakable (Tracers Series #2)

Unspeakable - Laura Griffin So maybe my expectations were too high but Unspeakable was only an okay read but certainly not LG's best. Though it didn't keep me at the edge of my seat, the Suspense aspect of the book was done pretty well, IMO. It was interesting enough keep me reading and LG did a good job of keeping her characters in Character: the heroine was a newbie FBI agent and that's what she acted like. The Hero was a True Crime writer who had a lot of information but wasn't allowed to do whatever he wanted just because he was the Hero. So I didn't have much of an issue with that part of the book..The romance however was harder to like. We didn't get nearly enough of the Hero's point of view/introspection so it was harder to see where he was coming from...I spent the beginning of the book actively disliking him, then a good chunk just not giving a damn about him either way, and didn't see much to change my mind. Plus the pacing of the romance just seemed off. It was like every time I blinked, it was a little more advanced.....One blink H and h meet. 2nd blink they have sex . 3rd time's obviously a charm because that where the ‘I love you’s come in...but it didn't really feel like either character progressed from just getting to know each other to actually having a relationship beyond friendship.Maybe it's just me but her last book seemed a lot better, a much more even spread b/w a good romance and a thrilling suspense storyline. And there was also a secondary storyline in Unspeakable (that's leading up to the next book) that interested me more than the H and h's story. So while it wasn't bad, I'm happy to have read it for no other reason than to keep up with the series, and I'm crossing my fingers the next book's better!