Slade (New Species Series #2)

Slade - Laurann Dohner 2.5 stars, though I'm not sure if the low rating comes from the plot synopsis or not....everything it describes takes about 5 pages ...then Slade seems to become an entirely different book....which fo me, was a pretty crushing disapointment, the summary was why I picked this up!Anyway, there were quite a few parts I didn't like, but damned if I can even remember any of them now! oh wait, some of the trash talking b/w the good guys and bad guys was a little too...simplistic is the nicest way I can put it....I sorta just rolled my eyes and skimmed the insult hurling....There were more cutesy scenes near the ending that I did like, but the book ends in the most absurd place....they were about to have a cook out, and right in the middle of a scene it was sorta like how a tv show ends, all the characters sit down for dinner, and the camera fades out? Yeah, like that just more unexpected. And it is pretty similar to Lora Leigh's Breeds series, though not as well written....IMO, at least. And they're , the breeds equivalent, are called 'New Species' throughout the book, maybe it's just me, but that doesn't exactly roll off the  tongue, does it?So yeah 2.5 stars, but I'm all set to read the next one, so well see how that goes....On a side note this Is the 2nd in a series, but I didn't read the first book, and wasn't lost at all...there's a few references to the H and h, but nothing to specific.