Dark Embers (Dragons Heat Series #1)

Dark Embers - Tessa Adams Dark Embers is one of those books that sounds like it'll be a really really good new para series...and then when it doesn't deliver, we feel twice as let down (I blame G.A Aiken and Cynthia Eden and their awesome para folk who make us readers so desperate for new and exciting PNR stories that we forget not everyone is as amazing as they are so we start new series/authors with expectations far higher than they should be.) The writing was well done, it's the story that made this impossible to like: The first few pages were promising then it pretty much turns into a sex fest....Literally almost every few pages there's another sex scene...and while I like my books steamy, when said steam takes over and leaves little to no room for any story...or characterization... or world building just reading it becomes a chore. In other words, those hot sex scenes that take over more than 3/4's of the book? After awhile they're just boring (I actually started skimming them after awhile)and the story doesn't even start to get interesting until the last 30 pages when stuff (i.e not sex) actually happens...and even then it's all pretty predictable...oh and slight spoiler here, but the last scene? Yeah, it's a sex scene too. so if you're looking for constant sex with little to no plot, then this is right up your alley!Otherwise you're really better off just skipping this one.