Tall, Dark and Wolfish

Tall, Dark and Wolfish - Lydia Dare 3.5 starsI liked Tall, Dark and Wolfish much better then the first book in Ms Dare's series,A Certain Wolfish Charm (ACWC). The world building is still on the scant side, but the overall story was a lot more enjoyable. The h knows about the H's secret early on, which for me at least, made the story that much better, since she's not spending the book worry about his big dark, secret. I also liked the main characters better, in particular the H who is not nearly as dour as the H from ACWC. On the down side, the Hero of the next book is called a rogue in this book, but I consider him more of a slut then anything else. Also the para aspect of the book is really light...Yes, they're shape shifters but that's almost an addendum, rather than a major part of the story. So a pretty good read for HR fans, and an okay read for PNR fans.