Whisper of Warning

Whisper of Warning - Laura Griffin SO SO Good! 4 ½ stars :)Great mix of Romance and suspense (one few authors are really capable of creating), that makes me eager to get copies of all her other books…I didn't always like the heroine as a person, but she was well written, and consistent all the way through the novel….I loved the Hero! While he was big and tough and had all those other good hero qualities, he didn't seem to be a run of the mill alpha hero either… and the suspense was fast paced and keeps you reading even when you're supposed to be doing other things :)I've only got one complaint: the heroine's sister is described as a stand in mom for the heroine, but not once did I see any evidence of it… Maybe that's how it was in a previous book (This is my first by LG, so I'm assuming that there was a book before this one) but despite how many times LG used that description I just didn't see it. Other then that one minor thing, I loved this book! And If you're a fan of well written romantic suspense, that manages to tell an engaging story, without shortchanging either genre, then give Whisper of Warning a try!