Afterglow (Lodestone)

Afterglow - Cherry Adair I fell asleep. I wasn't particularly tired, and generally if I'm really into whatever I'm reading it wouldnt matter if I was exhausted I'd still keep fell asleep...then had to push myself to continue. the first lodestone book was so so good, I liked the characters, the story kept me riveted, and the bad guys were well planned out....and it was the reason i became a Cherry Adair Afterglow, as a follow up, was a pretty crushing disappointment.The story wasn't bad, just felt like one of those stories that if the main characters got over themselves ( which admittedly, in this situation would've been understandably difficult) and had a freaking conversation things would've come to a head a whole hell of a lot sooner. ...and not knowing who the bad guy was, instead of catching my interest, this frustrated the bejesus outta me....Not til we find out who the big bad is, did I really get into the story, but even that bit was too short and quickly resolved...and the ending ending, the resolving of issues between the H and h, was half assed at best...I had to double and triple check that where it ended was actually the ending, after all the crap they go through, that's what we get? Seriously?A generous 3 stars.