Beautiful Decay

Beautiful Decay - Sylvia Lewis This was so freaking good! But I don't know how to explain why, dammit! From the summary, I'll be honest, I wasn't sure if it would be my thing, but man, I just couldn't put it down!Okay wait, first the negatives: IMO, there's really only a couple major issue, but it's enough I had to deduct a star: one minute the MC's are meeting and going through their getting to knows you's, the next they're ILY-ing each other...and I have no idea how that came about. Seriously, it totally blindsided me. Also we really don't know enougha bout teh hero...would have LOVED to learn more about him,and this is more a preference than a negative, but I want to read a few paragraphs -at least- from the his pov!But the rest of the book, was soo good, I broke my self imposed rule of not staying up past midnight to read! (on a side note, I am sooo tired as I'm writing this :p ) As for the world, honestly I just want to know more...and I want to know where the MC's and co are gong next....and I want to know the answer to the questions surrounding the h's parent/family. See, maybe that's why it's soo good, I just finished it, and already I want to know more. It's not a perfect book, there was one or two very minor things that bugged me, beyond what I wrote above, but the rest of the story overshadows them, that now, I can't even remember what they were...and I was too engrossed to stop and make a note of any of it :)Okay, so reading back, I know that's not very informative, so:Beautiful Decay is written in first person, from the heroines pov, is a quick, and easy read, pretty tame on the YA heat factor, IIRC, has few if any real info dumps (though this may be why I'm itching for more), and very little angst, and a pretty engaging over all story. Maybe it's supernatural aspect isn't 100% original, but it's def off the beaten track. Oh and how's about this: necromancers, viviomancers, zombies, and who knows what else abound in the world of BD. If you're a fan of any of those definitely give this a try....though to be fair, if you're like me, and not particularly into any of them, you should try it anyway, you might be surprised how easy it is to get sucked in!So somewhere in the realm of 4 stars :D