Immortal City (Immortal City, #1)

Immortal City  - Scott Speer Ok, so I have no idea what to rate this...i liked it so so much! so lets just say, it's more than 3 stars, but not anywhere near 5 stars...I loved the idea...celebrity angels! ( for seems reason I seem to have more interest in fictional celebs than real ones, go figure :p)Anyway here's what I didn't love and what's keeping me from giving IC a higher rating:The heroine's unceasing naivete...she kept making the wrong decisions, and what she thought would be the consequences for her actions were just so ridiculous! Add to that, there's little actual world building, and occasionally smaller scenes would get glossed over...oh and the H's cookie cutter bitchy ex...she (along with a few others) was so freaking one dimensional!Oh and some of the writing seemed a bit juvenile, and IC features a 's a good case of instalove (though its the h semi-fighting the relationship, rather than the H) but despite all that, there's something about Immortal City that pulls you in and makes you keep yeah I had a few issues with this one, but I'm definitely going to read the next one!