The Better to Bite

The Better to Bite - Cynthia Eden man, i wish this was better. I love CE's PNR's and her Romantic suspense titles but this foray into YA territory was just...meh. Keeping it short, here are my issues:It's a a very shallow story. Like I never felt like we ever get into the meat of the story. and half the time, everything seemed so...vague, I guess. and there's little to no world building. And a number of characters irritated me as all get out, in particular the h's perky friend...Oh and tBtB seemed to have certain qualities, not because the story needed them, but because it's hallmark of the young adult genre. In other words, there didn't have to be a damn love triangle. And not all YA titles don't have to be written in first person, dammit! CE writes great 3rd person, and I'd have loved to see her try her hand at YA using the narrative style she does oh so well. oh and the voice...the teen voice is off....the characters just didn't feel like YA's to me. esp the dialogue...some of it sounded just...wrong, and the rest sounded like YA's when I was a YA, but not how current YA's again, just wrong. oh but on the plus side, the big bad totally surprised me :)But yeah, so it was okay. Would I read the next one? well, I'm not chomping at the bit for book 2, and if i come across it i might give it a chance, if for no other reason then to kill some time, but i don't really think I'm missing much if i decide to skip it. Altogether, somewhere between 2.5 and 3 stars.