Rise of Hope

Rise of Hope - Kaily Hart Okay color me wowed...what a great debut ( if its a debut, I haven't checked her site out yet, but even if its not, she's new to me okay it's not a debut, but it's still awesome and she's still an amazing new to me author!) but wow, it was so so good! The summary is pretty spot on, so I don't know what to add on with out spoiling it but give it a chance! I love when new to me authors totally blow me away, yay! And lol, And now i cant seem to stop smiling :DMs. Hart managed to write a cohesive, well put together story with the added bonus of characters I couldn't help but like, cheer for, and want more of, and along with all that she filled it with plenty of steam too! What more could you want?,Well okay there was one thing, and the reason it didn't get 5 stars was only because of the the pacing, it sorta felt like a novella, like someone told the author she was only allowed a certain number of pages so she had to constrain the story -that was too big for its britches- to fit....does that make sense?. Like everything happened way too fast, and the timing of everything (and a little bit of the characterization) got the shaft...but still what an amazing read!