Archangel's Blade (Guild Hunter Series #4)

Archangel's Blade - Nalini Singh Much as I love Nalini Singh, I have to admit that Archangels Blade wasn't a favorite.  Style wise, it was still as well written as I've come to expect from NS, but there were 2 aspects of the book that made it impossible for me to truly like it, at least in comparison to her previous titles.I got over the fact that this was Dimitri's story pretty early on, despite that he was my least favorite of Raphael's seven. NS did an amazing job of making me not just like him, but feel for him as well...However Ms Singh uses a ...plot device, or  a trope, I guess you'd call it,  I don't usually like....yes, she uses it better then most other authors have, but's one I don't like... and I could see it coming from almost the begining of the book, though I'll admit to hoping that I was wrong. Add to that, I had one issue with...I guess it would be the felt like more than once a chapter would end in a seemingly random place...the next chapter would doggedly continue on, but each time I was confused as to why the paragraphs were broken into separate chapters at those specific places.Despite my own issues, Archangels' Blade was still better than a lot of other books, especially those dealing with the same said issues. It's fun, it was entertaining, engrossing, and definitely has a place on my keeper shelf.4 stars.On a side note,  there's an excerpt from her next psy changeling title, Riaz's story! that's got me on tenterhooks :)