For You (The 'Burg, #1)

For You (The 'Burg, #1) - Kristen Ashley So this review is a two parter, the first bit i wrote After reading the first half, the second bit after I finished the book:Can you say gut wrenching? Or heart breaking? Like most KA titles, this one is well put together, and keeps you addicted to page after page, even when you know, you've got other stuff that needs doing. Alternating between February's first person pov and Colts third person one, For You,again like most KA titles, is a long one, and chock full of story. The thing that really stands out, for me at least, is just how much I hate the bad guy... KA does such a great job of characterization, which is normal for her, but here she seems to take it up a the point that you can't help but love her H and h and want every possible good thing in the world to happen for them.... so much so that I can't help but hate the bad guy ...not for the obvious reasons, of him being a manipulative crazy ass murdering bastard,but because he stole 22 years away from Feb and Colt...and they were born to be together,So while I'm happy they got their shit together, that they're back being what they were meant to be, now I'm offended on their behalf, I'm mad because they lost out on those years, dozens of experiences they never got to have, and I'm just gutted.2nd half:Having said that, the second half of this book, wasn't bad at all, butfor the most part,  it didn't live up to the first bit...though really, how do you live up to  gutted? KA does an amazing job continuing her characterization...she makes you feel for most if not all her characters..Case in point: .that crazy ass bastard? She makes you simultaneously hate him and feel for him....and dammit, I didn't want to feel for him!Yeah, so I'd say instead the last half was on par with KA's other moderns...just as good, just as addicting just as satisfying. Having the...mayhem finally resolve itself, left me with a sense of relief, that finally finally, Feb and Colt get their HEA.4.5 stars.