Until the Sun Falls from the Sky (The Three, #1)

Until the Sun Falls from the Sky  - Kristen Ashley Okay so this probably my least favorite Kristen Ashley title.Color me crazy or hell,  maybe I'm living in the land of rainbows and roses, but hero's should not ever ever never ever enjoy their heroines fear. Ever never!It's just wrong.  It is not the stuff,  in my not so humble opinion, that hot guys are made of.So the whole first part of this one was me being all kinds of annoyed/frustrated/pissed off  at the hero.  He gets better, but  not by much. He blatantly lies to her! Grrr... I almost put this down a few times. But almost every other kristen Ashely review I've read all say the same thing...she cannot write a bad story( despite her many, many, many grammar issues ) So I persevered, and ending up not hating the book. It was not a favorite, and won't ever be...I may not even read the next book in the three series, I disliked parts of this one so much. Plus the heroine...okay, heres the thing, but what works for the heroine in contemporaries does not work in pnr's...so Leah  comes off as a pushover, weakling immature 40 year old. I kept waiting for her to  be a little more kickass, a little less doormat.  And while I loved the build up of the angst, for a PNR, it gets resolved waaaay to easily.So somewhere between 2.5 and 3 stars... With the addendum that I probably won't be able to keep myself from reading book 2, but if that ones as disappointing as UtSFFtS, then I'm writing off here pnr's and sticking to her moderns.