Forged in Fire (Red-Hot SEALs, #1)

Forged in Fire - Trish McCallan So I saw FiF mentioned in the comments for a   review for another book, here on GR, and made a spur of the moment decision to go for it...This was totally and completely  beyond what I was hopIng for when I bought it on amazon (for  $2.99)!I'll admit my expectations were pretty low, I just thought I'd get a quick, fun action adventure romance... And while it was fun, and chock freaking full of action, it was by no means quick! there's so much story to get through!Oh, and there's quite a cast of characters, not enough to overwhelm, but a good number that got me even more invested in the series...I loved them all, and am on tenterhooks now to read all of their stories, (though summer, 2012, really? I have to wait that long?)The main characters were great...though one of the few  negatives I had with this book, came with the heroine...she has her reasons for being pretty gun-shy re: relationships, but the aggravating bit is that she was a tad repetitive in stating  said reasons... It felt like I kept coming across her explanations, and it just  bugged me...but as far as issues go, that really is a minor one.  Beyond it, I really liked the heroine, she was a Little slow to act at times, but that could've just been my impatience shining through.... she doesn't wimp out, or do any thing stupid, so kudos to her...and I loved that the hero wasn't a slut. He has experience, but it isn't over the top...And we don't have to deal with any exes either, which was nice too..Thinking back, he sorta, only very vaguely reminds me of Lisa Marie rice's heroes...he's got the possessive thing down ( though honestly, I kinda sorta wish there were a few more scenes with jealous hero goodness) But other then that aspect, I'm not sure why he brings them, to mind....Anyway, The bad guys were pretty bad, but just so well written! We get bits from their perspective too,  which I thought was an added bonus...And the even more bad guys behind the bad guys in 'forged in fire' make me twice as excited to read the next book in the series,The only other negatives I had were, a few times the main story seemed to shift off the H& h, but, I liked where it veered off, so that wasn't really a big deal either. ...also there's a PNR element in the book( the psychic stuff) that again IMO, didn't get enough attention...I'd have loved to read more about it, as well as more about the hero's family legacy!For the most part, all my issues were pretty minor, and the rest of the book is so so  good, that it's easy to overlook them!4 stars.