Saving Grace (Mad World, #2)

Saving Grace (Mad World, #2) - Christine Zolendz Ms Zolendz is a great writer, but Saving Grace doesn't really live up to the awesomeness of Fall From Grace. I'm not sure if t was because it just wasn't what I wanted/ expected to happen, or if it was because one freaking conversation could have really solved quite a few problems! As it is, there's an insane amount of back and forth... Will they get together or won't they...they make a decision, then something comes up, and it's will they or won't the all over again. And again. And again. And iirc, again. Then there's a question of does Shane ( the H) remember, or doesn't he? Seriously one convo! Oh and Shane doesnt do a very good job explaining...well anything, and he says some really douchey things, and I don't recall him ever really apologizing for them...some of his assholery could be excused in the first book, but I wanted less ( or none) in this book, so I was sorta disappointed on that front too. Though to be fair, I am looking forward to the next book, just so we can get his point of view!Originally, this was going to be 2.5 stars, but I liked the ending, ( it really saved the book for me) and I loved the quotes and that I recognized all the bands listed :) also it does move super quickly, and i liked most of the secondary chracters, so somewhere in between 3 and 3.5 stars for Saving Grave