Big Bad Bite (Big Bad Bite, #1)

Big Bad Bite (Big Bad Bite, #1) - Jessie Lane Okay, if we're sticking to gr's guidelines, then Big, bad bite is like a 2.5... In other words, it's better then okay, but to say I liked it, is going a little far. So what bothered me:One. There are a lot of side characters, who I'm guessing will eventually get they're own books...but they seriously, take up a lot of time in this particular story. Plus a lot of the slutty future heroes? Yeah, i know it occasionnaly works for some authors, but reading about all their exploits, doesn't exactly make me all that interested in reading their stories!Two. The hero...he doesn't really play as big of a part as I'd like.. Maybe 15% of the story is from his pov, but there's large chunk of story where's he's not even present! It's not til he makes a reappearance that the story seems to get better... Or maybe I should say, that once he turns back up, the story gets back on track. Three, The whole premise, with the h being told that she'll never be accepted into the para world, so in order to keep her safe she's hidden from everybody, that didn't really make sense to me.....: if her family wanted her safe, shouldn't they have taught her about that world, and ways to go by unnoticed? Or taught her ways, to get around shifter/ supernatural expectations? Because leaving her completely ignorant of them and their ways, seems like it would do more harm, then help or protect her in any way. And lastly, the info dumps and the seemingly never ending descriptions! I'd say about 1/3rd of this book gets bogged done by pages and pages and pages and pages and pages and pages and of descrtion and info dumps! It got so bad, that a few times I had to force myself to keep reading. All the other stuff I could overlook, but it's the overly long paragraph after paragraph of shit I didn't need to know, that's really keeping me from giving this a higher rating, and also from having any interest in reading the next book.