Protector: The Elect Series, Book 1

Protector (The Elect) - Loribelle Hunt Wait, what? This is a novella?! Well dammit all! This has waaaay too many sex scenes for a novella! Surprisingly though, there is still a plot, and it carries all the way through the end...Having said that, there's also no real conclusion...for me it felt like , when the last chapter ended( just when. As starting to get into the actual story), I turned the page looking for the next one and got the 'about the author' page about confused...and not a little bit irritating. Anyway, story wise...huh...I don't remember all tha much..?we sorta of jump in right where the synopsis leaves off.. The Smarty pants h knows the blood sample she's got isn't human, and someone or someones  bad are after her, Enter the Hero...who takes one whiff of eau de heroine and BAM! Let the instalove begin!-  I think the H rescues her before any action( of the spicier variety) actually happens, but can't be sure...then he  intro's her to his peoples, and a little bit of progress is made re: the baddies who are after her...all that takes up like 25 % of story...the rest in pretty much sex scene after sex scene...LB did do a good job spacing them out though: Sex scene. Plot progression. Repeat...all the way to the "end".So yeah, not much else to say so...Somewhere b/w 2.5 stars and 3.