Trying Not To Love You: 1 (Love Series)

Trying Not To Love You  - Megan   Smith DNF. I tried, i really did, but this heroine is an idiot. And the things she thinks/does are in no way believable. And so many things don't add up, the top of the list, being smart phones! So the h's friends and fams are all telling her how bad her bf is for her, how he's bad news, and not good enough, etc....But here's the thing! these are college students! a lot of, if not most, have smart phones, so if they wanted to show the stupid, naive h that her douche bag, second string bf was cheating on her, why did no one use their damn camera phones to get some proof! that's just one of many, many, many, many things that don't make sense! on a positive note, Megan Smith isn't a horrible writer. she seriously needs a proofreader, and someone to tell her when her h is being a stupid stupid moron, but she did initially pull me into h er story, so kudos for that.