Rock Chick Regret (Rock Chick, #7)

Rock Chick Regret - Kristen Ashley Okay, so this is one of those books I don't quite know how to rate...Though I'm pretty sure I've got an overall dissenting opinion of it.....On the one hand it's a typical enjoyable KA title,( at least the last half, )On the other, there are two reasons I can't say that I honestly liked this. So ok.One. blooming Heck. I know it's stupid, and I know there are people who don't like to curse....and I've no problem with them. But blooming heck? Seriously? blooming heck? And it's used through the whole damn book? Who takes a heroine seriously when she keeps saying blooming heck? Whats next, sprouting poop.? Jeez.Two.Okay this point is more serious. The rape. It's treated like a plot device rather then the serious issue it is....and it laughs in the face of everything we're taught about rape and rape victims. The scene itself is never described...I can understand that, I'm sure writing it, would be beyond difficult, just like reading it would be. However, the absolute lack of any details whatsoever, make it feels like it's glossed over, Like we don't get the full emotional impact we Ava's book, even though she isn't fully raped ( meaning no penetration), she's violated, and we get the scene...which helps us connect with the story and with her. But, in Regret, since we don't get the scene, we never really connect with Sadie, at least I didn't... It felt like she hardly reacted at all..yes there were a few scenes showing her issues, but they're few and far between and she gets over them somewhat quickly. Then there's the fact that with the exception at the begining of the book, and the times she yells about it, she doesn't come off as a rape victim. She could have easily been the victim of some other crime. a mugging, a beating, etcOh and my biggest issue....I know rape victims are all different and react in various way..but 30 days? Most victims can take years to recuperate and 30 mother fucking days after her attack, she's out partying? Getting set up on dates? Seriously? Being forced into situations /relationahips ( because apparently being raped didn't take enough of her choices away, her new gay bestie ( who's stereotypical gayness, irritated me beyond all blooming heck) , decided to make all her decisions for her) again and again. Having the fact that she's been raped announced to all and fucking sundry, and her not having an issue with it? None of that seems synonymous with what we learn about rape victims. So yeah, they're all different, but I cant help but feel, like the issue doesn't get the due diligence that it rightly deserves...And the fact that it's the rock chicks themselves that go about making sure everyone in their social circle knows she was raped...well it makes me think a whole lot less of's a little too naively callous, not to mention flat out insensitive. Oh and the hot bunch? They're supposed to be all about women in trouble and they turn her over to someone else...And to some small, tiny degree, I even get why...but really, if lee's the big badass, who takes care of women, why wouldn't he have called this associate he sends Sadie( the h) to just to give him a heads up? I would have loved me to be in lees head when they found out about the rape...even after the fact. ..there's a bit where he feels bad, but then he gets over it pretty dammed quickly...The whole thing leaves me with a bad taste. Thinking it over, I'd say 2 stars 1 star. I tried giving it 2, as I like KA, but I think I'm a little too offended to give it anything other then a one. Side note: The first review I wrote for RC Regret, was a hell of a lot worse, chock full of anger and curse words, and full on non stop ranting and soap boxing so I think I've toned it down to a somewhat coherent review, but I may still come back and try and clean this up... but at the mo' I think I'm taking a break from KA...At least til I can forge how angry this book made me.ETA: it's even worse now, because I'm reading another book with has a rape victim in it, but is treating he whole topic better than KA did.