Mine to Take

Mine to Take - Cynthia Eden 2.5 stars. The hero bugged the crap out of me...a little to high handed, a little too full of himself and his own self importance...and I'm seriously sick of billionaire hero's who throw money at their problems...Add to that this isn't very original, it feels like other RS titles, just with different names. And a few things didn't make sense...like how fast the hero's PI guys failed at protecting the h. Seriously? They're supposed to be the shit, and within hours they've already screwed the pooch? And how oops! They missed out on finding the bad guys' lair when all they had to freaking do was tail their suspect? I'm supposed to believe thee guys are part of a billion dollar PI gig? Yeah, no.Okay and seriously this bugged the freaking shit out of me:He sleeps with woman after woman because he can't have the one he wants? My ass. Dude chose not to be with her, chose to take her decision away and do whats "best" for her. ( this is one of my buttons, one of those things that always pisses me off, when one MC does something because it's what's best for someone else....so this is a big grrrr bit of the book for me ) and it bugs me even more that he doesn't even really explain his behavior in this respect....he just keeps telling the h, that she's the only one that he wants...while never explaining his countless bed bunnies? How the hell does she believe anything he says? And Then he has the freaking gall to get all jealous and he-man ish on her few and far between partners? Also I was irritated by how many times the hero had to save the heroine. And having bad guy after bad guy be evil because he's bat shit crazy? Yeah that's getting old too. Not all evil villains are mentally unbalanced...sometimes they're just horrible people...horrible sane people.Okay, I'll be honest I think some of my harshness comes from my disappointment in this CE read....she's a great writer, but this is the second of her books- in a row -I've been disappointed by...granted this go 'round, was a novella, so it didn't really have time to grow, but at the same time, it's lack of original story just made it hard to take. Add in the douchey hero, and 2.5 stars seems generous.