Stay With Me

Stay with Me - Elyssa Patrick Okay, so I'll freely admit, that the reason I wanted to read Stay with You was because it was the heroine who was the famous one. There are all these books where the hero is a rock star, or a super star athlete, or an Oscar winning actor/ director, or just a super famous billionaire, so seeing that it was the h who was the famous one, well that totally reeled me in. And I loved the idea, of her wanting to leave that life behind, of giving up the glitz and glamor (though to be honest, I'd love to read a story the other way around too) yeah it sounded pretty awesome.And in a lot of ways it was, especially the characters, I loved the hero, I loved the heroine, and I adored, and can't wait to read about all the secondary characters. And, like i said, I loved the whole idea of the story, it was fun and easy to read, that definitely pulled me in.However, and here's the frustrating part: I felt like a lot was missing. There really wasn't one big climax to the overall story. Everything between the H and h was very easy, and smooth....there were barely any bumps, even with the h's Big Reveal comes out, meh, it wasn't so big, it hardly makes a splash....and that IMO, lessened the impact, and significance of what her secret was... Also the h, after the reveal, got over her secret super fast! And even before the reveal, while it did come up a few times, it didn't feel like it was a major part of her life.... or like it was a major regret. So I can't believe I'm saying this, as its usually the opposite that's the problem, but I feel like this whole book needed to up its drama quotient. I needed some real conflict, dammit! Also the heroine is a celeb, right? Like the super famous, a lister, in all the gossip rags, variety of celebrity, but even though she's giving up the fast life, wouldn't some paparazzi follow her, at least initially? When she first gets there, wouldn't more of the students try to cozy up to her, for their own gain? Wouldn't her greedy, fame whore of a mama or her famous drug addict of a BFF try and talk their version of sense into her? Especially, her mother, who basically uses the heroine as a cash cow, wouldn't she have shown up and done her level best, to try and get her daughter back out there, and reeling in the dough? When the h, went out to dinner, and goes shopping, wouldn't people stop her? ( to be fair, this does happen once, in the book, when the h meets a little girl, at the super,market, and the little girl turns out to be the H's sister, but it isn't mentioned, when they meets again later, so it almost feels like it didn't happen, IMO). The h tells us, that she's in the magazines and on talk shows, but no one else at her school seems to watch them, no one seems to even be paying attention, which also seemed unbelievable...there's a celeb in your mist, wouldn't most people be looking up everything about them? Watching for any small mention of them? But here it's like hardly anyone notices, like its only the h who knows she's famous, and that just doesn't ring true. Those were my big issues, the only other thing is a personal preference, I was really hoping for alternating pov's, and I hope Ms Patrick considers it for her next releases (esp Nick's book!), getting the H's pov, and how sees things, always adds to a story, IMO.Altogether, though, this was still a pretty awesome book, and I'm looking forward to more!3 to 3.5 stars. Thanks to Ms Patrick and netgalley for giving me the chance to read this e-arc, in exchange for an honest review :)