No One's Angel

No One's Angel - Kelly  Walker Okay so seriously I had to dnf this because it was driving me freaking batshit. And it sucks because the bare bones as well as the first chapters of the story were pretty fucking awesome...But then the freaking melodrama kicks in and everything goes to shit. and holy crap was there a ton of melodrama! And the pacing was all off... On one hand it it felt like everything was moving far far too fast but then on the other, it felt like its all getting dragged out.... Is it any wonder I was going crazy? Add to that there's a lot of hot and cold action.... Again and again and again. Back and forth, back and forth. Lastly though, and this here's my biggest issue: it had to do with the "Hero". So here's the set up, the h and H know each other from some online game they've been playing ( usually a premise I love) ...and while they've never met they have a connection and have spoken to each other a lot,over 2 years, I think. Then one day the h goes missing. She drops the game and stops contacting the H. Now here's why he's a douche. This rich bitch asshole of a hero ( because of fucking course he's insanely rich) decides that instead of using his money and resources to attempt to locate this chick that he "loves" he decides to break down crying to his step sister and fuck anything that moves... Can't you just feel the love? So all his proclamations of love towards the h, which there are a lot of, come off as... Well, bullshit. How the hell amI supposed to believe her disappearance knocked his world off its axis if he never even did a damned thing to find her? Now my ( irritating ) sense of fair play says I should mention they maybe he'll explain later on in the book what it was like for him, but I'm not reading it. I wasn't kidding when i sad this was driving me batshit, I just keep getting so damned angry. So even though I sorta kinda, really want to keep reading ( that's good, right?!), I'm choosing to save my sanity ( what there is of it) and quit while I can....(but I'm crossing my fingers, hoping I'll eventually be able to come back to it and get to the end)On a side note, that game they're addicted to? Yeah we don't get any of that either! Can you say grrr?