The Devil's Tattoo

The Devil's Tattoo - Nicole R. Taylor So, for the most part this was pretty awesome, 3.5 stars until the last quarter, but only because I wasn't too happy about the ending, so 3 stars for the last bit. It just felt like the H and h's secrets were built up so much so, that when they were finally reveled, they should've been more intense. < spoiler> I'd like to think, I'd be more sympathetic in reality, but in the book, it just felt like, ESP with the H's secret, it should've been bigger, to effect him the way it did plus, the H does something stupid, and IMO, was forgiven way too easily. I think was angrier than the h. I mean at least, a couple hours. Or better yet, even a day should've gone by, before everything was all hunky dory again! .Anyway, like said a mostly, awesome read :)