Unremembered - UnremberedOkay, I'll Admit it. I only finished this so it would count towards my gr reading challenge. Havng said that, tis wasn't a terrible book,but it had more potential to be awesome than any awesomeness in its own rite....My issues with the book:On one level I felt like Unremembered was trying to do too many things at once,. Also some stuff made no sense...Iike we'd be told the world worked one way, then the MC's would act in the direct opposite way...okay that's sorta vague I know, but being more specific would be spoilery...The relationship b/w the H and h happens before the book takes place...we don't see any of it...which IMO, makes the romance less...everything. It seems less believable, less impressive, less substantial, less real, less important.. .like a major part of the story's just gone....sort of like the h's memories,....there are ...shades of something good, but they're incomplete...and leave an unsatisfying taste behind. The book is written like the flashes of memory the heroine lost...one scene, switches to the next, to the next, and to the next after that, and they don't, IMO, transition well.The world building...only gives a taste of how things are...some of its a little confusing, and some of it...are just hints of info...I'd have liked to learn more. The bad guy...only really shows up at the end, and is sorta cookie cutter...all those loose ends? His case of verbal diarrhea totally clears some of them up! Seriously, dude could not stop talking! The h is hard to like. Either she's impossibly naive or she had a few tstl moments...plus, and this is sorta hard to explain , but im gonna try...,in the beginning, the hero would try to give her (and us!) Info, and her response was continually... I don't wanna think about it so the info we'd get, would abruptly be cut short. And on me hand, I really liked that the heroine wasn't an extension of the Hero...she was her own person, doing her own thing ...but....Unremembered was hard to read without hero's pov...as it is, he comes off as a pansy ass...he loves the heroine so much, he leaves her to her own devices? Repeatedly? He knows she's in danger...knows some bad shits are after her, and doesn't try harder to get her to listen to him? If we'd seen in his read, gotten some first pov from him, actually gotten a taste of his suffering, and his struggling, maybe I'd have bought into his hotness...instead, it feels like he makes a half assed effort, into getting her to accept what he has to tell her, than gives up until she's more or less forced to accept/ confront it. Okay, 2 stars...and for grammar fanatics, there are a few glaringly obvious typos.