Keep Me Still: Special Edition

Keep Me Still - Caisey Quinn Quick warning, this review, has a bunch of spoilers littered throughout, so please keep that in mind before you decide to continue reading....Also it gets a little ranty. Let you leaveOkay the novella was really good, and I definitely think Casiey Quinn is an author to watch....However, the pace of the book was super super fast.....I get that it was a novella so to fit everything in, it had to happen quick....but dude, it was like light speed! But again, Let you Leave was an awesome story that sucked me right into the story, so 3.5 stars. Keep me stillNow a lot of what happens in the novella Let you Leave is forgivable, because that's exactly what it is, a novella, time and length constraints, make a lot of issues, over look able.....but in the full length story (which IMO, wasn't all that much longer than LYL), not so much:-The light speed pacing continues......-And where we had a sweet H, we now have a semi douchey one...he kept saying douchey things! ( he wanted to push her away, or take things slower, I get it, but some of the stuff he says to accomplish this, was....well lets just say, it's ill conceived) and the h kept letting him get away with them! They'd just sweep them under the rug?! Seriously? Problems don't go away that way! and the h was sorta whiny, who seems to react to things without thinking things through....or maybe its just that her conclusions were sorta....insensible? she keeps assuming the worst, with out a whole lot of evidence, and instead of asking about anything, she runs away (or pushes the H to go away) it's sorta irritating, she does the same thing at the end of the book too, reacts first. honestly, I'd have liked to see her think before she reacted, just to show that she'd grown as a person by the end of the book. -The h and her roommate becomes BFF's just cuz they're roomies? We don't see this happen. It's more like we're told that's what happens.....but don't actually see it happen....they meet, hang out a little at first, then suddenly they're sharing secrets way to easily.....seriously, its like they know each other a few weeks, and they're already sharing their life stories? Maybe if we'd seen the relationship develop I'd buy it, but again, it's just too quick to be believable. -We get told a lot about how great the h's relationship with her aunt ( aka her guardian) is but we don't really see them together....we get told a lot of stuff, but there's little interaction between them..and a lot of the actions of the so called guardian are questionable at best (seriously, in the novella, she leaves her charge in the house with a dude who's 1) drunk and 2) has just taken his fists to his kid...but she doesn't think twice abut leaving her niece there? Does she really think, that event though the drunk asshole hits his own kid, while his mother doesn't say anything about it, that magically her niece will be hunky dory? That of course the said drunken asshole, will know not to touch her ward? She (the aunt) doesn't even contemplate calling the cops? Even if she decides against it, the fact that its not even mentioned is seriously fucked up. Would you really want someone like that raising your kid?Also the same goes for the H and his the end of Let you Leave , he leaves the h, cuz he's gotta take care of his mom, but again, we rarely see them together....and iirc she's barely mentioned in the full how close of a relationship could they have? His mama let him be beaten for years, before taking a stand, and it's hardly an event. Doesn't he have some resentment? Isn't he wondering why he wasn't enough for his mom to fight for? He's pretty much an adult before she finally decides to take action, and she barely has any impact on his psyche? Also the novella starts off with the H leaving behind some friends, the first he's really made in years, including a girl, who he's on the verge of starting something with, when he moves.... So, this same girl acts as one of the main forces that end the H and h, in the novella, and she's barely mentioned....She's like a non entity, that solely worked to end the novella. And the H doesn't even think to explain things to the h! And ends up being surprised that she's pissed off about her! Seriously? Can you say dumb ass? Then the h, doesn't even think to bring her up! I mean I think they mention her once, but seriously, wouldn't you want more of an explanation?!But nope it's another think that just gets brushed under the rug!Okay, there may have been a few other issues, but those were at the top of the list. And I know a lot of that sounds bad, and it was very very frustrating. But I'm sticking with what I originally said, Caisey Quinn is an author to watch. I just think her writing needs some polishing....and maybe a proofreader.