Hot for the Holidays

Hot for the Holidays - Lora Leigh, Allyson James, Anya Bast, Angela Knight Over all a pretty good anthology...Definitely one of the better holiday ones! The Angela Knight story almost made me wish I was a fan of her mageverse series. It was a decent story, if a bit sparse. She has a good writing style, and this may be a decent intro in that series if you haven't tried it yet. The Allyson James one almost made me wish I was a fan of Native American romances and made me want to retry her books (I started one of hers ages ago, and hated it so much, I haven't been able to pick up another one since). Unfortunately this is probabbly the weakest of the stories. Like Knight's it's a bit sparse, and there are a few details that just don't make sense, but I'm chalking that up to the space limitations. More detail on the 'god''s background or even a bit more history on the legend of Coyote may have helped...If you're like me, and aren't as familiar with Native American folklore, it may feel like you're missing something. The Lora Leigh was typical of her Breeds stories.. It wasn't her best, but again, probably becasue of the anthology's length contraints...If she'd had more pages to work with, I'm postiive thes story would have been up to her usual standards :) Lastly...the Anya Bast story (the third one in the book)...If for no other reason you get this, get it for her story! It intro's her new series, and I for one can't wait (and luckily it comes out in another few weeks so I won't have to wait long!) We don't meet the main characters from the first book in the series, this is more like a welcome to the world with some minor backstory... But it's such enticing backstory!oh and the cover totally looks better up close :p