Shadow's Stand

Shadow's Stand - Sarah McCarty Okay...I've been waiting ages and ages for this to be released and seeing it on net galley damn near made me jump for joy... My thoughts are still a little jumbled, but here it worth the wait? I certainly think so :DIt is an advanced uncorrected copy, so there were a number of grammatical/ editing mistakes which will hopefully not make it to the final copy, but by and large 'Shadow's Stand' was a fast paced,fun, entertaining, and quick ride!I'll be honest and say for one reason or another I can't seem to get into ms McCarty's other series,  but Hells Eight are all favorites....( though admittedly the Quaker chick's book was a trial to get through)And like her other books in the series, Sarah McCarty does a great job creating her characters, as well as keeping said characters true to themselves....I loved the heroine, a young mixed raced ( Chinese and American) explosives expert...she was spunky, ( not in the annoying way) and intelligent and had a very go gettum! personality and more often then not was willi g to do what needed to be done, no matter how difficult it may seem.The hero, Shadow was pretty awesome too, like his other Hells Eight brethren, he had a pretty crappy start in life, but has all the  good guy qualities that make him  a great hero...he's tough, he doesn't take shit from anyone, and he knows his own mind, and when he makes mistakes, he's more than willing to rectify them!The sex scenes...surprisingly there weren't a lot of them, but they were well written, esp the first couple, whew! ;pAs for the story, that's where my only real negative comes's not badly done or anything, it's just that not a whole lot seems to happen....or maybe it all happens so so fast, that it just seems to guy by in a what I'm  trying to say is it needed more pages! Maybe it's just me, but it seemed shorter then the others in the series.Otherwise a great read! 4 stars and if you missed it, I received this from net galley :)