Dragon Bound (Elder Races Series #1)

Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison 4.5 stars!Despite how many of them there are, I think Dragon Bound just maybe on of my all time favorite shifter novels! It so good!...Well thought out with a great supporting cast! I didn't dislike a one of them  - and there's usually at least one character  who pisses me off, so it's saying  a lot that I liked them all!The bad guy was pretty typical of bad guys, not terribly evil, more like a grade A bastard.Loved the hero! Loved him, IMO, all of Ms Harrison's shifters and para folk are pretty freaking unique, and so well written that's it would be hard not to get sucked in to their world!  The next book is due out in August, but I'm finding myself hard pressed to believe it could be any better than this one...but we'll see :)