Soulbound: A Lone Star Witch Novel

Soulbound: A Lone Star Witch Novel - Meh. 3 stars. For the most part good writing, esp the beginning. I just wasn't a fan of the story....the h is a damsel in distress for like the whole book, the H is a douche, who we never really get to know and the first person writing is a good example of why I avoided books written in said perspective for a long ass time. Oh and IMO, it's not very romantic, or rather I didn't really see the connection b/w the H and h...especially at the end! Can you say abrupt? ( to be fair though, I was under the impression this was PNR, rather than UF) Oh and the bad guy...that totally could have been explained/drawn out felt like TA knew she was getting to the end of the book, and just decided to randomly pick someone to be the bad guy, rather then having it planned from the beginning. In other words I just didn't buy it. It wasn't bad, but I spent far too much of this book annoyed, and the more i think about it, the more irritated i get, so forget the 3 stars, its more like 2.5 I said the overall writing was pretty well done,and I did manage to get sucked not the first half of the book... so I may give the next book a chance.