Sin Undone (Demonica Series #5)

Sin Undone - Larissa Ione for the most part, this, like the rest of the demonica series was an awesome read...not the best, at least not IMO, but great none the less....plenty of action ( both kinds) an over arching story that while ends well, and also sets up LI's next series ( the four horsemen) at the same time.I only had one issue, and that's that this ends the way most typical romances do...marriage (well okay, mating) and babies....seriously? While I don't have  much of an issue with the mating bit (I do love PNR's after all, and they're sorta par for the course)   the fact that all the characters end with having babies ( or the promise of babies) annoys me... What makes it more aggravating, is that I just finished the first three of Sydney croft ( LI and Stephanie Tyler) acro books, and they end the same way... With HEA's based on the the promise of babies... As someone who doesn't even know if she wants children, I can't help but be both aggravated and a tad bit offended by the implication that  HEA's require repro-freakin-duction...  If even one character...hell even a minor character, who we barely even saw, if just one of them made the choice not to have kids at all, I'd have been okay with it...but almost every " good" guy wanted a baby...and maybe i'm taking things too seriously, but I can't stop being annoyed by that fact...and because of that I can't give this anything higher then 3 starts despite LI's amazing talent of story weaving.Additionally, and this wasn't a  book killer for me, but wanted oto mention it:  another review pointed this out....there are no gay was very surprising and not a little disappointing to realize this was true! But like I said it's a good book,  great ending to the Demonica books, despite my own issues with it, And I can't wait to read LiI's next series.