Rescue Me (Last Chance Rescue Series #1)

Rescue Me (Last Chance Rescue Trilogy, Book 1) - Christy Reece Loved, Loved Loved it! A good suspensefull tale that doesn't seem to stop moving forward. A smart intelligent heroine who's overcome much, and a Hero with a sense of honor & who I'd have liked to know more of made an overall compelling story... Though not perfect.The summary doesn't mention this, though other reviews might, (and I'll try not to give away to much here) but at one point the mother of the heroine flat out lies to both the H and h... they both know she's an evil vile liar, yet they both still fall victim to her lies...Serioulsy? and I think another review mentions the heroine contacting her mother (who again, she knows is an evil ass) instead of her stepfather whom she knows loves (or least has some afection for) her... Why? There was also a bit at when Ms Reece intro's the heroine (as well as the relationship ) from a future book that annoyed me, but the end made up for it... Mostly. Will definitely read her next book(s)