No Regrets (Delta Force Trilogy Series #1)

No Regrets - Shannon K. Butcher Overall, a pretty great Romatnic Suspense novel... It took me a while to warm up to the heroine, but by the end, she turned into a favorite.... She doesn't simper! and she doesn't just take what the Hero offers, because he's just so hot, and gorgeous, and strong, and etc that she just can't help herself. She wants it all or nothing, which is just so damn refreshing, it's hard not to love her!The hero was pretty asesome as well, though he proved to be a bit more frustrating then the heroine. He wasn't a man whore, he wasn't an asshole, but he could be willfully blind, which in turn made me want to kick him a few times...Despite that one tendency, he was easy to like as well. As for the story....It's already been summarized so I'll just say it's more focused on romance then suspense, but they're both heavily present (Maybe 60 % romance and 40% suspense) and it keeps you entertained all the way to the last page, despite a rather quick end to the big bad villain. It also wasn't as detailed in the back stories of either character, nor did it give a lot of detail into why the bad guys were bad (rather we just got vague descriptions) though neither of those detract from the story. I think my only major dissapointment was that the romantic aspect of the story was resolved a bit too easily; I'd have preferred the H having time to himself to think through things, instead of being guilt ridden through 99% of the book, then in the last pages realize he has no reason to feel guilty. Other then that though, this was a really well written story, and has earned its place on my keeper shelf :)