Trust in Advertising

Trust in Advertising - Victoria Michaels So I think the best word to describe TiA all around has to be tame. It was  a tame start, the entirety of the middle was tame, even the climax of the story was tame. Tame tame tame!Having said that, I have to admit to liking the story none the less..its in no way in your face in any retrospect, theres no edge of your set suspense( though there is a sorta mystery)  and theres little to no  heat whatsoever to speak of, but I was entertained throught the was slow, and gradual, and I'll admit had a few almost  dull moments...despite the laid back pace there was just something in the writing style that kept me interested, that kept me reading...though for the life of me I can't seem to put my finger on it.I'll probably give Ms. Michaels another try, though I couldn't say when. Really my only negative is more a matter of preferences...the majority of the story, like 85% came from the h's point of view...I'm one of those readers who likes to get both the H and h's perspective...add to that, sometimes it seemed like we'd get random characters pov's that would come outta didn't happen a lot, just enough to be noticeable.Oh wait. Another minor annoyance was there were a lot of side one really stole anyone's thunder, but I can't say I liked them all..or disliked them for that matter....they were all sorta just there.Yea so overall I'd give this 3.5 stars.I don't know that I would call it a romance novel,  good or otherwise, but it has romantic elements (that take a long time to come about) but overall it's a nice looooong story. And the cover's really nice, and the summary is pretty spot on :)