Moon Spell: a Tale of Lunarmorte novel: 1

Moon Spell: a Tale of Lunarmorte novel - Samantha Young I liked the idea, and was even entertained by moon spell,  but I can't really say I liked it....nor can i understand how on earth this got so many 4 and 5 star reviews!the pacing felt wrong and so did some of the reactions of the  characters, main and secondary alike...the pack would find something out, and I'd think they would do one thing, but then they do something else that IMO wouldn't make sense in the situation...which managed to pull me outta the story more than once...and there are a lot of things never explained....for example, if the pack was super protective of its females, why would they send off a child, with a guardian who's little more than a girl, herself? One who chose not to educate her charge, and leave her woefully Ignorant at that?  That's just one of the many points of contention I had with the rationalizing going on in this book. Add to that, she's 17/18 and the heroes 9 to 10 years older....but more times then I can count he comes off as much younger...they both do....if it wasn't for the sex scene I'd guess both of them were  at the oldest, in their early teen years,  just  from  their behavior. Oh and the mating relationship is never really delved into! If I'm going by how it works in most pnr's the h and H's actions make even less sense...I would have liked for the idea to have been explained more fully, if for no other reason, then to give me a frame of reference for each characters behavior.Oh also, he's the leader of the pack, but it never really feels like he's an alpha...sure it's mentioned a lot, but the way everyone treats him, he's like a less impressive Lucas from Nalini Singh's psy- changeling   series...(and jic, you think one is like the other, they're not, IMO, that's just the best way to describe the hero )A lot happens, but like i said it felt like the timing of things was off....and the ending! Wth? It was cliffhanger-ish, and I guess I was supposed to want to run off and get the next book, but seeing as how I didn't really like the characters, and from the reviews I've read, I think I'm gonna pass. So, 3 stars, a decent way to kill some time, but not a must read.