Street Magic (Black London Series #1)

Street Magic - Caitlin Kittredge 3.5 starsWould have been 4 as this was a well crafted, engrossing, if somewhat dark and/or creepy tale. I'm not entirely sure if i really liked it, but I couldn't freaking stop reading!  The only down sides, for me were:-The whole story is from Pete, the heroines, 3rd person perspective, but I'd have liked to have had jack's pov! I really wanted to see inside his head, darnit! And this isn't bad so much as different, but these characters use, what I'm guessing is a very stereotypical English voice...a lot of British colloquialisms and slang terms to get used to! -Pete had the irritating habit of leaping before looking...she kept jumping into situations before getting all the facts, which seems off for an officer of the law, IMO. Everything worked out, of course, but I kept wanting to yell at her to just stop and think first!-Some things were solved way to easily, ESP the bit dealing with jacks ghosts. -There are a lotta different species of beasties in this, but we don't learn enough about them, IMO. And even the ones we do get explanations for, left me feeling a bit confused. We also don't learn enough about either Pete or jack, but I'm thinking we'll learn more in the following books. -And this last one  is my own fault, I didn't realize this was straight urban fantasy rather then UF with romantic a romance fan, I usually like at least a little bit thrown in, and there wasn't really any to speak of in Street magic. But despite all this, I couldn't seem to put Street Magic down, it's definitely not something  I'm  used to, and originally I wasn't sure if I'd give the next book a go, but the first chapter was included at the end...and I got pulled in, so now I don't think I'll be able to stop myself from getting it!